Creative Merit

Merit badges for the creative journey

This set of “Creative Merit Badges” are a representation of my attitudes towards creativity.
A deep-dive into my own practice, they consider what I value in my creativity, things I’ve done and things I want to do.

I believe creativity is as much about the process as it is about the outcome or achievement.

Creativity is an ongoing process of learning and trying and doing - much like earning a merit badge.

Action Badges: Awarded for putting in the work

From left to right:  ‘Regained the Spark’, ‘Made Something Bad’, ‘Trusted the Process’, ‘Blood’, ‘Sweat’, ‘Tears’, ‘Creative in Quarantine’, ‘New Skill (Annual)’, ‘Tried, Tried, Tried Again’, ‘Overambitious (Succcessful)’, ‘Overambitious (Unsuccessful)’, ‘Personal Project (Annual)

Aspiration Badges: Awarded for achieving a goal

From left to right: ‘Killing it Part-Time’, ‘Killing it Full-Time’, ‘Self-Sustaining Hobby’, ‘Exhibited Work’, ‘Solo Show’, ‘BA’, ‘MA’, ‘Book Cover’, ‘In a Book’

Awards Badges: Awarded for having an impact

From left to right: ‘Brought Joy’, ‘Approved by a Child’, ‘Connected with a Community’